growth recession

A form of recession in which economic output continues to grow, but at a much slower pace than normal.
Example Citation:
"Defining a recession used to be easy. It was broadly defined as two or more consecutive quarters of falling economic output. Now, economists have taken to adding adjectives:
One favorite: a 'growth recession,' which is meant to describe an economy growing at 2% or less. (Nevermind that 2% used to be considered normal growth.)"
— Dina Temple-Raston, "Greenspan faces 'tricky' task today," USA Today, February 13, 2001
A growth recession is most popularly known as a soft landing. The latter is also called a Downy landing, after the Downy fabric softener:
"[A] growth recession ... is a close cousin to economic 'soft landing' or 'Downy landing."
— David Olive, "Modern business usage," The National Post, Match 1, 2001
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